BLEU sheep cheese



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    A unique cheese, produced at high altitude in the alpine pastures of Valle d’Aosta.

    The sheep graze at an altitude from 2000 to 3000 meters above sea level and feed on grass and fresh mountain flowers.

    The processing takes place in the mountain pasture of Metsan at the foot of the glacier of Monte Rosa.

    The pure raw sheep’s milk is heated to 36 °C, the ferment is added and the penicillium forms the rennet curd. The rennet is then broken into small squares and shaped to drain the whey.

    The salting is done by hand.

    Spring water envelops this unique cheese in the maturing caves throughout the year.

    The sheep’s bleu has a greyish rind, a glossy paste and a complex, pleasant taste.

    Excellent as an end of a meal instead of dessert combined with Passito wine.

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