Bagnod Farm


Since 1946 in continuous evolution.

For over 70 years we have combined tradition, experience and modern technology to offer you food products of great value. For us, every work is an authentic work of art: our products are handcrafted with fresh and selected raw materials, meeting high quality standards and following rigorous methods handed down over several generations.

The same care and passion can also be found in our farmhouses in Piverone, in the province of Turin, and Ayas, in Valle D'Aosta, and in our winery on Lake Viverone, perfect places to spend wonderful, relaxing days or to taste excellent wines and local dishes made with ingredients from our company.

We have recently embraced the renewable energy sector, investing in the production of renewable energy from biogas. Today we produce electricity, heat and biomethane in total respect of the environment, exploiting only the manure of our farms and dedicated crops.


Our Companies

La Schiavenza

Agriturismo - Piverone

La Tchavana

Agriturismo Val d'Ayas 

La Meridiana

Bar a Fromage - Mandrou


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The history of the Bagnod company begins in 1946 when the couple Gino and Clelia Bagnod, who moved from Val d’Ayas to Piverone, buy the
"La Schiavenza" farmhouse. Here they work with passion to improve farming systems without distorting their genuineness, making production more efficient and feeding the animals with pastures and hay. A few years later, his son Roberto began processing milk by opening a small sales point in the company. Dairy products and meat from the company are immediately appreciated by consumers for their quality.

After this first entrepreneurial experience, the Bagnods bought a mountain pasture in Val d'Ayas, in their homeland, devoting themselves to the production of typical Valle d'Aosta products, above all the famous Fontina DOP and the recent Gran Gessato d'Ayas produced with sheep's milk from lacaune sheep that graze at 2000 meters of altitude in Val d'Ayas. In 1999, in order to make the most of these products, the owners inaugurated the "La Tchavana" farmhouse restaurant, a structure that arose adjacent to the building of the old mountain pasture.

In 2001, the Bagnod family decided to open a second farmhouse in Piverone, giving their customers the opportunity to taste the company's products even in the winter months (a period in which the cattle wintered in Piverone). This is how the “La Schiavenza” holiday farm was born, which takes its name from the homonymous farmhouse.

Thanks to some vineyards inherited from their loved ones in Carema, the Family also carries out a small production of Nebbiolo Maison Veja wine that can be found in all the company's premises.

In 2006, inspired by a visit to Germany, the company Bagnod ventured into a new sector focusing on renewable energy from biogas. Among the pioneers in Italy to have started the renewable production from Agricultural Biogas from which derives electricity, thermal and biomethane in total respect of the environment, exploiting the zootechnical wastes of our farms the by-products of agricultural residues and dedicated crops.

A few years after the birth of this activity, the company produces annually 8 million kilowatts per year, or the average energy requirement of no less than 2,000 families composed of 4 people.

A cycle that is completed today with the purchase of CellaGrande, an exclusive location on Lake Viverone where the family produces Erbaluce wine from the homonymous company and where you can taste all the products of the Bagnod Company such as fresh cheeses, PDO fontina, yogurt and cold cuts.

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